2nd Gardner Bakke 5-9pm
3rd Noah Pierre Trio 4-8pm
4th SoundTown 2-6pm
9th Bobby Thompson & Jenny Langer 5-9pm
10th Oysterbones 4-8pm
11th Clendenen Brothers Bluegrass 3-7pm
16th Nikki Stacey Duo 5-9pm
17th Loose Ties Trio 4-8pm
18th Brady Danger Music 3-7pm
22nd Mama’s Black Sheep 5-9pm
23rd Whiskey Promise 5-9pm
24th Tim & The Animal 4-8pm
25th Doug Segree Duo 3-7pm
29th Bryen O Boyle 5-9pm
30th 19th Street Band 5-9pm
31st Goodman Guilliams Trio 4-8pm
5th Funsho 5-9pm
6th Barry Prosser & The Vaguely Absurd 5-9pm
7th Colin Athas Trio 4-8pm
8th Sons of Pirates 3-7pm
12th Virgil Cain 5-9pm
13th Nelly’s Echo Solo 5-9pm
14th IandI Riddim 4-8pm
15th Carlos Cubas 3-7pm
19th Bryen O Boyle 5-9pm
20th Denise Henderson and the Fellas 5-9pm
21st Scott and Dan Show 4-8pm
22nd Doug Segree duo 3-7pm
26th Ebb and Nova Duo 5-9pm
27th Tommy McGee Band 5-9pm
28th Will Hill Band 4-8pm
29th Nicky Stacey Duo 3-7pm