Live Entertainment &  Events


1st Doug Segree 3-7pm
2nd Radio Graffiti 3-7pm
5th 19th Street Band 5-9pm
6th The Players Band 5-10pm
7th Englishman 1-5pm
7th Shore Thing 6-10pm
8th Sabia/Ports/Coleman 3-7pm
12th Super Bueno 5-9pm
13th Heads Up 5-10pm
14th Whiskey Promise 1-5pm
14th Zion Reggae Band 6-10pm
15th iandiRiddim 3-7pm
19th Shore Thing Trio 5-9pm
20th What’s Next 5-10pm
21st Iron Lion 1-5pm
21st Whirlwind 6-10pm
22nd Virgil Cain 3-7pm
26th Doug Segree 5-9pm
27th Mamas Black Sheep 5-10pm
28th Scott and Dan Show ft. Johnny 1-5pm
27th Under the Covers 6-10pm
29th Rachel Ann Morgan 3-7pm


4th 5-10pm Ray Wroten & Revolvers
5th 6-10pm Mama’s Black Sheep after BreastFest
11th 5-10pm Sweet Leda, Gardner Bakke
12th 1-5pm Joey Harkum
12th 6-10pm Miles & The Fresh
18th 5:30-10pm The Players
19th 1-5pm Native Tongue
19th 6-10pm Big Boy Brass Band
25th 5-10pm Dell Foxx Company
26th 6-10pm C.W.C.R.
31st 5-9pm Honey Extractor (Halloween Party)