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May 4th 5-9 Whirlwind

May 5th 7-11 Wise Eyes

May 6th 2-6 Outta the Blue

May 6th 7-11 Shore Thing

May 7th 3-7 Doug Segree

May 11th 5-9 Marcella CO

May 12th 7-11 Total Distraction

May 13th 2-6 Scott & Dan Show

May 13th 7-11 Zion Reggae

May 14th 3-7 iandiriddim

May 18th 5-9 Whirlwind

May 19th 7-11 The Players ft The Loving Paupers

May 20th 2-6 Iron Lion

May 20th 7-11 Rebound Band

May 21st 3-7 Virgil Cane

May 25th 5-9 Bryen O’Boyle

May 26th 7-11pm Just Press Play

May 27th 2-6 Troll Tribe

May 27th 7-11 Grilled Lincoln’s

May 28th 3-7 Mamas Black Sheep

June 1st 5-9 Whirlwind

June 2nd 7-11 Sons of Pirates

June 3rd 2-6 Wrapped in Flannel

June 3rd 7-11 Radio Free Baltimore

June 4th 3-7 iandiriddim

June 8th 5-9 Mark and Da Sharks

June 9th 7-11 Under Covers

June 10th 2-6 Tom Sabia and Dave Levine

June 10th 7-11 Shore Thing

June 11th 3-7 C.W.C.R.

June 16th 7-11 Iron Lion

June 17th 2-6 Scott & Dan Show

June 17th 7-11 The Players

June 18th 3-7 Virgil Cane

June 22nd 5-9 Marcella XO

June 23rd 7-11 What’s Next

June 24th 2-6 Rebel Side Show

June 24th 7-11 Zion Reggae

June 25th 3-7 Mamas Black Sheep

June 29th 5-9 Joey Harkum

June 30th 7-11 Wise Eyes

July 1st 2-6 John Nichols Duo

July 1st 7-11 Bind and Bentley

July 2nd 3-7 Iron Lion

July 6th 5-9 California Bob

July 7th 7-11 Essential Vybe

July 8th 2-6 Total Distraction

July 8th 7-11 Sons of Pirates

July 9th 3-7 Sabia Coleman Ports Trio

July 13th 5-9 Bryen O’Boyle

July 14th 7-11 The Players

July 15th 2-6 Scott and Johnny Show (day party)

July 15th 7-11 Zion Reggae

July 16th 3-7 iandiriddim

July 20th 5-9 Marcella XO

July 21st 7-11 The Players

July 22nd 2-6 Iron Lion

July 22nd 7-11 Wise Eyes

July 23rd 3-7 Mamas Black Sheep

July 27th 5-9 Doug Segree Duo

July 28th 7-11 Total Distraction

July 29th 2-6 HAZLOW

July 29th 7-11 Shore Thing

July 30th 3-7 Doug Segree Trio

August 3rd 5-9 Goodman Guilliams

August 4th 7-12 Heads Up

August 5th 2-6 Ben Kolakowski and Shaun Riley

August 5th 7-11 Zion Reggae

August 6th 3-7 Jordan Gillis

August 10th 5-9 Doug Segree Duo

August 11th 7-11 The Players

August 12th 2-6 Scott and Johnny Show

August 12th 7-11 Grilled Lincolns

August 13th 3-7 Virgil Cain

August 17th 5-9 Bryen O’Boyle

August 18th 7-11 Thunderball

August 19th 2-6 Gene Gregory

August 19th 7-12 Radio Free Baltimore

August 20th 3-7 Mamas Black Sheep

August 24th 5-9 Marcella XO

August 25th 7-11 Iron Lion

August 26th 2-6 Raymond, Wroten and Alex Watts

August 26th 7-11 Shore Thing

August 27th 3-7 iandiriddim

August 31st Doug Segree Duo

September 1st 7-11 Lovely Rita

September 2nd 2-6 John Nichols Band

September 2nd 7-12 Bond and Bentley

September 3rd 3-7 Doug Segree Trio

September 7th 5-9 Mark and Da Sharks

September 8th 7-11 The Players

September 9th 2-6 Scott and Johnny Show

September 9th 7-11 Zion Reggae

September 10th 3-7 Tom Sabia, Coleman and Ports Trio

September 14th 5-9 Mamas Black Sheep

September 15th 7-11 Sons of Pirates

September 16th 2-6 Ben Kolakowski and Shaun Riley

September 16th 7-11 Outta the Blue

September 17th 3-7 Virgil Cain

September 21st 5-9 Marcella XO

September 22nd 7-11 Doug Segree Band

September 23rd 2-6 Iron Lion

September 23rd 7-11 Radio Free Baltimore

September 24th 3-7 iandiriddim

September 28th 5-9 Bryen O’Boyle

September 29th 7-11 Under the Covers

September 30th 2-6 Whiskey Promise

September 30th 7-11 Shore Thing